Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Long Overdue Update

Written 2 weeks ago:

Alright I'm back here with another update.

Hmm let's start with syfc first. I recently got promoted into phase 2,
a step closer to my goal of getting a pilots license.

Really happy with that, since I did not expect to pass into that phase
as my main instructor has a reputation for being really strict when it
come to passing students. So I guess I'm doing pretty well.

That day I did stalling practice, (stalling is where the aircraft
falls out of the sky as there is not enough speed to fly anymore).
It was really fun, as it involved the Aircraft dropping, so it was
quite like a roller coaster ride.

The aim of the exercise was to recover (as in going back to normal
flight) within 200ft. Quite important since you usually get into a
stall during landing, so you don't have much height to lose at all.
It isn't as easy to stall this plane as you think.

There are 2 types of stall, the one where it's going to stall, and the
one that stalls (it's not really correct but I'm just using really
simple terms here)

When the plane is going to stall, the nose of the aircraft is already
really high, and u won't see the ground in front of you. It's really
obvious that you are entering a stall for this plane, and to enter a
deep stall, you would have to force the plane to stall, and believe me
it involves pulling back on the stick quite forcefully.

Mixed feelings for it though, as now I really have to carefully plan
my time. Having syfc isn't a walk in the park, Theres tons of things
to memorise, practice, and study. Plus the time taken up by travelling
all the way to seletar makes the rest of your free time really precious.

Hmm what's next. School. It's stressful. I'm coping. But i really need
to speed up my studying. The damn exams are approaching yet again.

Alright, here's something that will make u curse me..

I'll make it clear first, I didn't ask for 1.

My dear mom got me an iPhone.

Thx mom.. You're the best. But I already know you're the best.. You
really really didn't have to get an iPhone..

Much less 2 iPhones.

Thanks mom...

So now I'm happily bringing along my iPhone, and already a few flaws
are starting to get to me..

Alright, the most obvious one Is the fact that it's so tightly bound
to iTunes that every damn thing has to involve iTunes.

Secondly, it doesn't have as many logs as a normal phone has.. Call
logs. Out going and incoming duration. The amount of mags u sent and
recieved.. Those stuff.. It only has a very general counter that says
total call time..

I'll talk about it more in another post I think..

1 Week ago:
Hahah, that's what I wrote on my iPhone about 1 week ago. Well, that
didn't get posted heh.

So now I'm actually at my gradma's typing this up.. Hopefully I get
this post out by new years heh.. And of course, valentines.

So since the last time I've written the opening paragraphs, I have
already flown 3 times already, and also done quite some other stuff

I finally landed a plane!

Yup. The first landing was quite hard, as I pulled back on the
control column a bit too hard as I thought that the aircraft was
dropping a bit too much..

So the plane floated a bit more than it should, which increased the
height that the plane was going to 'stop flying' from, thus makig the
landing a bit rougher than It should have been.

The original method of landing the plane was to hold the plane at this
specific angle that would make the plane fly straight and level, then
we would close the throttle (or stop addig power) and the plane would
slowly lose speed.

When the plane loses it's speed, it would sink more, and to prevent it
from sinkig, we would tilt the plane up a bit more to stop the sink,
and we keep raising the nose like this until the plane loses a lot of
speed and it no longer flies, thus it would drop. But by then the
height that the aircraft would drop would be very small, and then
landing would be a really smooth affair.

The latest sortie I had was somewhat cancelled because of really
strong winds, Which made flying the plane quite really hard,
especially near te landing.

The way we guide the plane to land was by holding the aim point( which
ever spot we intend to land at, usually at the numbers on the start of
the runway.) at the same place infront of us, while we keep the plane
at a constant 65 knots, using the throttle (something like the
function of the gas pedal in a car) to keep the plane at this speed.

Because the wind isn't a constant speed, when it gusts, the speed
indicated would drop, making me correct for it to increase throttle to
keep the speed constant, but when the gusts dies down, the speed would
increase, thus the plane would be faster than it should be, thus the
eight of the plane would be wrong, so we have to correct it, which
makes things a lot more complicated.

Haha. Enough plane speak for today.

So I have finally finished my car project, and am quite really proud
of it.. Too bad I didn't bring my camera on that day, but I had the
iPhone with me, so I took some shots of our clases cars.

Proud because the whole car was designed by me. The car shape, decals,
and colour. Hehe. Nathanel and I made and plastered the car, while
daisy did a bit of plastering and lots of sanding. Haha

Yay. And the car got choosen to represent the class as the best
designed. Hehe damn proud.

I did not manage to post this out in time anyway hmm.

Heh, rmb I told u about me being in this certain cca thing. Yeah.. I
roped Sharlene into it too, and she made this poster for the next
event that our cca was planning this time round..

Hmm yup.. Poster edited and made by Sharlene and stock picture taken
by me.

Ok great this is now another day that I'm continuing this post on the
iPhone.. Hmmm

Mom got a new internet connection plan too. Now the speed is like
5 times more than what i usually have. Its damn good. Im downloading
stuff like nobodys business now. Its really good too because when i want
to look for past pictures that i have posted on my blog, the pictures take
much less time to load and i can search faster.

HEhehe, and now flickr uploads really fast too.

But i still have yet to solve the internet connection problem though.
the wireless sometimes cuts out or the modem loses connection totally.
I suspect its the modem... should have gotten the more common one..
shit cant rmb its name arg.

But everyone owns it, well starhub ppl anyway.
Shouldnt have gotten some lousy cheapass modem from singtel.. pftt.

Ok now that I am actually at my main computer (after So long) hmm I
shall start blogging and refreshing my memory by looking at the
pictures again..

hmm this was taken at clark quay... Yeah.
and again..

oh yeah, and i gathered a really painful scratch across my laptops
beautiful exterior. (thx to the zip of the laptop cover)

Another time, another day at vivo..

I remember.. It was a wednesday. This was taken while i was waiting for my
mom to come take me to the doctor at raffles place. Took very little shots as
i felt damn weird with the big lens walking around raffles place taking pictures
of birds.

Some gondola worker at raffles place too..

Hmm that day i racked up a large bill of 160+ for some medicine for the
skin cuz i kept getting recurring rashes.. gah. ouch. painful... i mean.
its not even that serious lah wthh..

then later that day we had a lighting workshop for our new cca.. really
interesting stuff cuz we got taught about the lighting system on an average
stage and also how to program the lights and stuff..

Near the end of the workshop we had to program a "light show" that
would suit the music that we chose. I teamed up with Sharlene and we
picked the song Tutti Frutti Summer Love by Gunther..

And everytime the deep low voice says something all the lightz would all
turn purple and only one light would shine at this particular spot in the audience.
Totally kinky. Was laughing all the way through the "show" haha.

Moberly there...

Remember this car? hmmm yups..

we made it, plastered it, sanded it, primed it, and finally, we got to paint it..
and the final product. Totally proud of it.
Yeah i know it was a bit off in the center.. gah..
hehe, im addicted to my phone..
The cars made by my class.. hmm all really sleek. (the other classes one
look like car washing sponges cut to shape)

Random shot by sharlene... Thats hongyi giving joel a good time.
random shot taken by my mom... They were painting this new extension
to the rubbish dump downstairs.
Random shot by me, taken from sp business blocks.

So I think it was a sunday? Chinese new year. Yup. I spent dinner with the
guys, or half of them..Dont ask me why i found myself walking from bugis
to dobhy ghaut.. heh

Anyway, walked through the smu underground thing and it was dead quiet.
Quite scary if youre just walking alone. not knowing whether the door
is open on the other side or not.. heh.


Found the bras b mrt station exit here too.. interesting..

Only Gabs, Homo, Perry and beaver was there. We ate at manhatten,
then at burger king when beaver came.
when the bill arrives.

Walked over to city hall and sat around for a while before going home...

Monday was spent in Malaysia. I made a trip down to sharlenes house
in malaysia.Totally weird cuz im the only singaporean there. heh.
Thank god i did not have to do greetings in chinese..
It was fun. A different experience. There were just tons of ppl coming and going..

Fish. with the "appealing lips"

Got to meet sharlenes malaysian friends once again, most of which
i already know but seeing them together as a bunch kinda made me
piece together the various
bits and pieces of info when shar talks about them.

did some shots when harveena came..

hahah, harveena. Shes always so loud.

Yesterday, i went out with the guys again, but before that i cycled over
to Daniels house to pass him some photos, and big Farewell to him again.

Aww Daniel. Sorry i couldnt give u a proper send off. ahh, nvm i'll meet
u someday, when i visit australia.. hmmms

Cycled back and met with Perry and Gabriel, then later Beaver, then i led them
to Lavender food centre and ate.

Nothing much happened really. heh. or im just too lazy to go into details. heh.

Beaver has a thing for old women though.. i mean. comeon...
yup.. no approval from them.


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