Friday, January 15, 2010

Is it that hard to update regularly?

Really that hard?

hmm, yes its hard, but not really for the reason that im really lazy.

Its just that i dont feel a sense of satisfaction when i post a short post about random facts.

Plus, it irritates me a bit whenever i dont have a picture to show. hmm, thats why most of my ideas of what to post would not be written out at all because it would just be too short.

Yep, but its worrying though, at this rate of 1 post per week, its quite saddening.

Projects, projects...

Talking about school.. Been really hectic this 2 weeks, rushing projects, presentations, and trying to get back into the schooling mood.

Im coping well, but not perfectly. Stupid projects keeps on piling, and sometimes you just lose the motivation to keep track of whats going on anymore.

Mixed feelings for my results though.

I've always thought that this semester would be harder due to the subjects, and i never really aimed for full marks.

Got As for every subjects again. Plus Oral Communications (yay)

Happy that my gpa would not be pulled down but not satisfied that my results were so close to full marks. (last sems Mid Sem Test, i got full marks for 3 subs, and 2 were close to full).

Looking back, i should have aimed for full marks like the last round. ahh, oh well. sigh.

Woot bak to bloggin!

Hahah, yup. Had great fun with the guys at one of our meets at Plaza Sing during the week, brought my camera but was too distracted to take any pictures.

Went home early to do the NS registration thing, then Gabs came to my house to burn some time while we waited till 6 to leave. Cant remember what we were laughing about when we went out of the house but it brought back the memories of sec 4 for some reason.

'Met' Perry at dobhy station but pretended that we didnt see him, so Perry followed us and we decided to lead him to some pharmacy (we originally wanted to lead him to some lingerie shop but didnt know where).

That was damn funny. I really dunno how to describe to you haha.

Uhg, waited for the rest at Carls Jr, then we walked to paradiz and played L4D2 in the lan shop opposite paradiz.

Gosh anyway,

Since my blog is so rarely updated now, let me point you to some people who have recently gone "bak to bloggin!"

Gabriel (who is back after getting pregnant for 1 month)

Darren (who hasnt blogged about his growth of fungus)
and of course, who could miss out...
Yeow Boon (of whom you Cannot blame la, cuz i was like ages since he updated his blog. Amazing right? Yes, Woot, he is bak to blogging!)


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